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Unforgettable picturesque views

Guernsey is waiting for you, are you ready?

Discover untouched beauty and history

Experience the uniqueness of Guernsey and the neighbouring Islands Herm and Sark on our guided tours and find out how and why a group of Islands just in front of the French coast has been English for almost a whole Millennium, without being part of England or Great Britain!


From the friendly harbour of St Peter Port to the hidden bays below the south coast cliffs and the beautiful west coast beaches, Guernsey has a beautiful coastline which changes every day according to the weather and the tides.

Amazing Coasts

With an almost tropical quality, emphasised by abundant palm trees and exotic flowers, Guernsey can be an amazing experience for anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature.

Beautiful Environment

The Bluebell woods on the Islands east coast is a wonderful sight in the spring. The country lanes, cliffs, beautiful parks and gardens together with rare orchid fields are all sights you will never forget.

Wonderful Countryside

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Your tour was a truly wonderful and memorable experience which none of our family will ever forget

Experience Mediterranean climate with palm trees and exotic flowers.

A drone video of beautiful Pembroke beach in the North of Guernsey.

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